Viewpoint: Gay Parenting

11 Apr

After weeks of hand-wringing and some nudging by good friends, I finally got up the nerve to pitch a “Viewpoints” column to the Windy City Times… and they said OKAY!  They said they’d give it a go, they’d start me online, and maybe if enough people were curious about what I had to say, they’d slip my words into the paper in a few months’ time. 

Here’s how my inaugural post begins: 

“What about our life is quintessentially gay?” I asked my partner this morning. I haven’t been an active part of the public LGBT movement in nearly eight years.

“Everything about our life is gay,” she replied. “Gayness follows us.” 

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What do you think?  You can comment on Windy City Times’ site or you can comment below. Are you a parent? Are you gay? Can you relate? We all have stories to tell.  Thank you!


One Response to “Viewpoint: Gay Parenting”

  1. Anonymous April 11, 2012 at 1:58 pm #


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