A Dachshund Morning

2 Apr

The dachshund started twitching

early, her too-long claws bump-bump-

bumping my butt – Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

after laying peaceably behind me for six

delicious hours – bump-bump wake up!


We have no dog door.

Her legs are

short. This

requires human





this need to pee at dawn.

Lucy 2013

And so I lift the dachshund from my bed,

pad slowly down the stairs, my head

awakening more quickly than

my body whose knee joints protest

weakly. I hold the rail, hear

my partner rising, too.


The call of dawn is strong in my house today.


The outside door clicks and clicks

again. Dog sighs. And the child

— the child! — tosses off her blankets just as I

settle back into bed with the dachshund tucked in snugly,

paws facing the other way. The sun is not yet up but I hear

the telltale click of my daughter’s light

switch and know without looking that she

has put her glasses on again and sits now

giddily, greedily in her pink butterfly

chair, a hardback book open in her lap,

entering the world of Percy Jackson

(Perseus) while I knock on the doors of dreamland.


I know I should send her back to bed.



I steady my breath, sinking

slowly towards sleep when the orange cat

jumps onto my bed, tickles my face with his

whiskers, nudges my head with his head,

and I put my hand out for him.

He licks my palm. There is a soft

silence here. He licks me once more.

Then he bites.

A small nip.


I pull my hand back

under the blanket.


Someone snores,

a quick, staccato sound.

Only once. Once only.

It must be morning now.

National Poetry Writing Month is here!  30 poems in 30 days. Will you join me?


2 Responses to “A Dachshund Morning”

  1. Joy April 3, 2013 at 12:35 pm #


    • rrp69 April 3, 2013 at 2:35 pm #

      Suppose I’ll tire everyone out with my sometimes half-baked poetry this month? MAN is it a challenge to post one a day… but fun, too! It gets the creative juices flowing. Thanks for stopping by, Joy 🙂

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