Again with the dog?

28 Apr

Yup. It’s darn hard working towards 30 new poems in 30 days – gotta work with what I know best, and right now? It’s dogs.

Dachshund Dreams

When my dachshund dreams

— green field running dreams, leaping

in the air dreams, squirrel-chasing,

tongue lolling, going on a tear dreams —

When my big-eared, brown-eyed,

funny-toothed dog dreams —

snarling a ferocious warning,

growling at a burglar, a workman, the

mail carrier coming up our front steps —

she kicks me

again and again and again

and I wake.


She doesn’t mean to,

but big dreams are for kicking,

she tells me. They are.


Big dreams, strong dreams,

gotta love dog dreams.

I could use a few of my own.

I’ll fall asleep again soon,

I know,

witness magnolias bloom

and so

I let my sleeping dog lie.


Big dreams are for kicking

wide open, undisturbed.

I’ll give her that, my

short-legged, big-hearted girl.

*   *   *   *   *

National Poetry Writing Month:

30 poems in 30 days.


One Response to “Again with the dog?”

  1. mom May 14, 2013 at 12:28 am #

    Gotta love that Lucy-dog!

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