Poems for April

1 Apr

National Poetry Writing Month is here again!  30 poems in 30 days. All day every day, I’ll be looking for poems… in life… and some of them, I’ll harness into words and share. Here. I invite you to join me. Write a poem. Write two. Share below if you don’t have your own blog 🙂 Or even if you do.


I’ll be all day every day

looking for a poem.

All day looking,

looking for . . .

a poem,

all day seeing poetry,

trying to fit


into words.


Lately, I frame things

more quickly

with my camera phone.


Opening the car door,

stepping onto the curb,

turning back,

kissing my hand,

placing my hand

against the backseat


where my daughter sits

with her own kissed hand

against the window,

leaving prints

on one another’s cheeks

to last the day.


An every day poem.



Today, there was a poem before that, too,

a moment to save, to savor, to share, a flash

of pink and orange, a sliver of sunrise

over alley rooftops

when I took the dachshund out, early.

A fleeting moment.

We’ve had these, all of us,

haven’t we?

Shoulder throbbing, dog whining, muscles not

yet fully mobile as we trip up or down stairs,

marching grudgingly into whatever’s next

and then something – a sunrise, a waft

of coffee or spring or green leaves or

jasmine – shakes us awake.



Where do you see poems?


Two tour boats in search of dolphins,

you and I poets, finding words

in their natural homes, calling out,

pulling up alongside one another, speeding

across the bay, creating a wake

between us

for dolphins

to splash in, leap in, bathe in,

creating a wake in which to play.


Like e. e. cummings with his

in Just-

spring     when the world is mud-


… and …   puddle-wonderful

a poem I loved at first sight,

despite how elusive it

felt to me as a child in California,

a poem I tasted later stronger


with seasons palpable and spring

an opening – longed for – a

setting free.



– to me –

is poetry.


2014 Dolphins in the Wake


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