Out of the Epicenter

6 Apr

Growing up is hard.

For parents.

Stepping out of the epicenter

of our children’s lives.


I choose to support my tween’s


now.  I

let her out of my car next to her school

all winter, then continue into spring,

no longer walking her to her door,

not greeting her friends,

not …

Just not.

She’s got this.




Still, I swell with gratitude

for those who guide her

in my absence

– the security guard

who ushers her and her cousin

off the dock

during high winds

because we are not there,

don’t need to be there

(didn’t think we needed

to be there,

didn’t know they would go

to the water’s edge) –


she is learning

and growing


each time she hears

from someone besides



I must step away

and let her be


Not always knowing


*  *  *

National Poetry Writing Month 
30 poems in 30 days

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