7 Apr

You know how, when you meet an old

friend you haven’t seen in a long time

and she asks how things are going

or she asks what’s new in the last

fifteen years or so, or she asks if you’re

married or if you have kids or if you have

a job that reaches to the bottom of your soul

and pulls your happy out in spades,

you have to . . . respond?

Do you offer her your life’s timeline

in three minutes flat? Do you pull out your

phone and show her maybe a picture of a cat

or a kid or a flower you found growing

in your garden last spring, one you

almost yanked out of the ground before

you discovered it had the softest, lightest

petals of any flower you’d ever seen

and you decided to let it stay? Do you show

her the picture of a mop in a turned-over

bucket from last spring when flash floods

caught you off-guard at the end of a very

long day, demonstrating the limits

of your basement to protect you

from rain? Or do you give her

a great long bear hug and tell her

just what happened today?

National Poetry Writing Month
30 poems in 30 days


2 Responses to “Reunion”

  1. Tiffany Turner April 7, 2014 at 9:35 pm #

    I still love reading your poetry. So good to see new, raw poems in the works. Looking forward to the daily additions. They’re getting me through the daily grind. Thank you RoiAnn.

    • RoiAnn April 7, 2014 at 9:38 pm #

      Thank you! Raw is right. I suppose the real challenge will be to come back in May and REWRITE all these on-the-fly poems and perhaps … attempt to … place them somewhere beyond the blog.

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