How do you nurture your soul?

23 Jan

Our souls need nourishment. And nurturing. There’s no getting around it.

And whether we make time in our day-to-day lives, or not, most of us have a sense of what our soul wants, what our spirit needs, what helps us breathe deeply, what offers us that glow… do you agree?

Here’s some of what nurtures my soul:

Beautiful Space


Writing Practice

Fox Journal


wpid-20141016_113238.jpg             wpid-20141016_115930.jpg  wpid-20150118_162609.jpg



A string of lights around my heart


Eileen Molony Photo


I pledge to take care in 2015 . . . to make time for friendship, for rich conversation, for bearing witness to beauty – natural beauty, for writing practice, water, staring into the fire . . . I find I’m a more loving person when I nourish my soul in these ways. And you?

How do you nurture your soul?

NOTE: Wedding Photo by Eileen Molony 


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