Family Layover

1 Apr

Spreading a blanket by the wall

at the gate, facilitating nap time:

A service to our fellow passengers

for whom a napless toddler

may not bring great joy.


Shuffling cards,

learning a game of

War or King’s Corner.


Sitting side-by-side, books in-hand,

giggling from time to time,

sometimes sharing passages aloud

that make us guffaw.





from one gate

to another,


still missing

final call,

bent over,

hands on knees,

watching the plane

depart, catching

our breath, holding

our tongues, finally seeking

the nearest ticket counter

to find room on the next flight out.


Shuffling note cards,

placing them in sequence,

preparing to write

seven pages in pencil,

seven pages derived

from one hundred

found facts,


on the trip

from here to there.


Gulping coffee,

sipping ginger ale,

debating the pros and cons

of consuming Dramamine.


Thumbing around

on our various devices,


sharing a video,

a photo, a meme

that makes us guffaw,

texting friends

about the pros and cons

of moms

and motherhood.

National Poetry Writing Month

30 poems in 30 days


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