10 Apr

The boy with his
feathered hair
and his bicycle lock
and his swift walk
to the restaurant door,

The other boy
with his twin
red-haired brother
across the street,
gesturing wildly
with both hands,
with only his hands,
his dad laughing
lovingly, his twin
barreling ahead –

As I walk from the train
to my family on a
Friday night –
I want to say to you,
both of you,
all of you:
Do not lose
this sense of
self, of strength,

Locking your bike,
entering the restaurant
without looking at
who’s watching.
Do not lose

Bouncing, this

Do not lose this
flapping of hands
to describe a thing,
passion, this enthusiasm,
this simple pure being,

Do not lose this
as you grow
to the guidelines
you’re given.

Do not lose this
as you become

*  *  *
National Poetry Writing Month

30 poems in 30 days

*  *  *

I get so caught up in raising girls that I forget the strict scripts our boys must follow to avoid ridicule. Until I’m out on a Friday night in the downtown of our sweet village and I see boys being sweet boys and I realize they won’t be allowed to stay this way more than a year or two more… and THEN what?


2 Responses to “Boys”

  1. Anonymous April 28, 2015 at 10:26 am #

    Wow. I will read this to Ayush tonight!

    • RoiAnn May 15, 2015 at 8:06 am #

      Yay! Did he have anything to say when you read it? Anything, that is, that you can share?

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