I always carry pens.

17 Apr

I always carry paper.
I always carry pens.
Multiple pens.
Pens, plural.
Enough pens

to fill the hands
of young companions
during church
or a concert
or a car ride or a show.

Enough pens
to lend friends
to sudden flashes
of WHOA! and
to hold in my own hand
when life is slow,
or when I need to
jot something down

…like a list
or a letter
or a poem…

I always carry pens but

Or they’re not returned,
or one lands on the floor
of the car, forgotten, and so
I always have another.
I make sure to always
have another

no matter
where I am
or who I’m with —
waiting or wondering or
witnessing whatever
stunning or wonderful thing
we find —
pen and paper
make things
if better
isn’t good enough,
pen and paper
help to pass
the time.


* * * * *
National Poetry Writing Month
30 poems in 30 days
* * * * *



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