it’s all in the eyes

20 Apr

Mom, look.
Mom, look at the back door.
Is that a macaroni noodle under the counter?
It smells like…
Mom, look out the back door.
{Long exhale.}
My head is on my paw, Mom.
Are you seeing this?
This paw here. No, this paw.
Mom, look at me looking
at the back door.
do you see?
You see!
You see me!
You see me seeing the door.
I am spinning.
I am spinning.
I am spinning
and …
Is that my tail?
That’s my tail.
Outside? Why?
No, absolutely not.
Mom, you’re not going out there.
Mom, wait.
Mom, you’re standing on the porch.
Mom, no.
Wait. No.
It’s raining.
No way.
I’ll pee tomorrow.
You do you –
I’m going to bed.
close the door.

* * * * *
National Poetry Writing Month
30 poems in 30 days


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